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Karim Said – Beethoven, Mozart, Schoenberg, Webern

Karim Said Piano

May 2024

The first and second Viennese school is the focus of Karim Said’s third album for Rubicon Classics. Karim as a pianist received his education in renowned schools and colleges, including  the Purcell School of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. The music of this period spans nearly a century,… more >

Dudok Quartet: Tchaikovsky – String Quartets Vol. 1

Dudok Quartet Amsterdam String Quartet

April 2024

The Dudok Quartet Amsterdam embarks on a traversal of three String Quartets by Tchaikovsky. This is the first of two volumes containing String Quartet’s 1 & 2. The circles in which Tchaikovsky and Brahms lived have a lot in common; it feels like a logical step in their artistic evolution.… more >


Fenella Humphreys Violin

April 2024

Violinist, Fenella Humphreys brings you a new album with Rubicon Classics after her 2023 BBC Magazine Premiere Award winning album ‘Caprices’. Fenella brings a unique programme called ‘Prism’, which focuses on unaccompanied violin works. These consist of  new works written by young British composers such as Michael Small, Bethan Morgan-Williams… more >

Dani Howard: Orchestral Works

Dani Howard Composer

March 2024

A Garderner’s World

Alessandro Fisher Tenor
Private: Anna Tilbrook Piano

February 2024

During the period of lockdown in 2020, tenor Alessandro Fisher and his wife spent many hours in their garden. A heightened awareness of the beauty of nature, the flowers in their garden and the changes to the garden as winter moved to spring, and then to summer formed the basis… more >

In Blue

Andrew Armstrong piano

January 2024

Andrew Armstrong’s debut album for Rubicon is a fascinating recital of American piano music. The great George Gershwin is represented by his ‘3 Preludes’, ‘I Got Rhythm’, and his most popular work, the sparkling ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ which unbelievably is 100 years old in 2024. Two African American composers, Julia… more >

Brahms, Coll, Korngold: Trio Isimsiz

Trio Isimsiz Piano trio

December 2023

Korngold was one of the most amazing prodigies in musical history, and more gifted than Mozart in that he arrived musically fully formed. He was just 12 years old when he composed his Op. 1 Piano Trio. This is a large-scale work, displaying great originality and simply stunning precociousness. Brahms’s… more >

Schubert: Die Schöne Müllerin

Bjarte Eike & Barokksolistene
Thomas Guthrie Baritone

November 2023

Thomas Guthrie writes – In 2001, I had studied for a PhD at York University under the guidance of the inspirational conductor, musicologist and all-round Lieder lover, Peter Seymour. Our subject was ornamentation in Schubert Lieder. I was a poor student, and never finished it, but my eyes and ears… more >


Aron Goldin Piano

October 2023

Homelands is a powerful album of classical art song about exile. Featuring Ian Bostridge, Jennifer France, James Atkinson, Wonsick Oh, and pianist Aron Goldin, who curated the project. The songs (including many favourites by Tchaikovsky and Fauré) are on the theme of exile and yearning for home. A performance of… more >

Closing Statements

Sophie Rosa, Ian Buckle violin, piano

October 2023

How composers draw their creative lives to a close continues to fascinate. Are their final works the culmination of all that has gone before or suggest what might have come next? Did illness enhance their profundity or diminish their powers? Can we listen to such pieces without thinking of them… more >

Imogen Ryall Sings the Charles Mingus / Joni Mitchell Songbook

September 2023

‘Mingus’, the album by Joni Mitchell from 1975 is the result of a 45-minute meeting arranged by Mingus’s wife between Mitchell, who was drifting towards a style of music jazzier than her previous output and Charles Mingus. Mingus was sadly waiting to die from motor neurons disease. Unable to play,… more >

Présence lointaine

Sofya Melikyan piano

September 2023

Sofya Melikyan’s fascinating album has as its inspiration the great Ricardo Viñes, composer and pianist, champion of young progressive composers (he was Satie’s favourite performer of his music), whose friends included among others Picasso, Gide, Colette, Cocteau. Cocteau said of him ‘Viñes does not play, he elucidates’ To define Viñes… more >

Sonya Bach: Mussorgsky

Sonya Bach Piano

September 2023

Sonya Bach’s fourth album for Rubicon is an all Mussorgsky programme. The famous Pictures at an Exibition and Night on the Bald Mountain bookend rarer repertoire such as the two Pictures from Crimea, Duma, and Méditation. Sonya Bach studied with two of the 20th century’s great pianists – Alicia de… more >

Arwel Hughes: Oratorio Dewi Sant

Owain Arwel Hughes Conductor

August 2023

Arwel Hughes (1909-1988) was the tenth son of a Welsh coal miner, and his progress through life was a remarkable one. Along the way, he studied composition at the Royal College of Music where his tutors were Gordon Jacob, Gustav Holst and, importantly, Vaughan Williams. During WWII, he worked for… more >

Maria Martinova Plays J.S. Bach, Chopin & Szymanowski

Maria Martinova Piano

August 2023

“…a tour de force of devilish technical mastery” International Piano Magazine “She gets right to the heart of Ravel’s inspiration and she does so with a display of absolutely fearless virtuosity…hers is a huge musical personality” Music Web International. “I came to appreciate her intelligently scaled dynamic gradations and rhythmic… more >

Dudok Quartet Amsterdam – What Remains

Dudok Quartet Amsterdam String Quartet

June 2023

The title What Remains of String Quartet No. 4 (2019) by Joey Roukens can be understood in various ways. On a poetic level, the words correspond to the character of the music, which often seems to hark back to ‘something remaining’ from a previous era – ruins, ghosts, scraps or… more >

The Playhouse Sessions LP

Bjarte Eike & Barokksolistene

June 2023

‘There are some things you just can’t fake. The chemistry of a group is one of those – the sparks of musical energy that fly when certain artists collide. Bjarte Eike’s Barokksolistene is an alchemical miracle of an ensemble…pure musical gold’ Gramophone magazine review for The Alehouse Sessions (RCD1017). Since… more >

Dudok Quartet Amsterdam – What Remains Digital EP

Dudok Quartet Amsterdam String Quartet

June 2023

The title What Remains of String Quartet No. 4 (2019) by Joey Roukens can be understood in various ways. On a poetic level, the words correspond to the character of the music, which often seems to hark back to ‘something remaining’ from a previous era – ruins, ghosts, scraps or… more >

Mozart Piano Concertos: Nos 20, 21, 23, 27

Elizabeth Sombart Piano

May 2023

The four great concertos on this new album span the years 1785 – 1791, Mozart’s last year. The range of emotions these works convey is extraordinary. No.20 in D Minor left the audience at the premiere reeling. It is terse, angry and full of passion. The C Major concerto No.21… more >

Inner World

Mikayel Hakhnazaryan Cello

April 2023

‘When you leave your homeland, you leave behind something very important that is hard to describe in words. Itis that light and air which you unconsciously love, it is the smell of spring, the kindness of people under whose warm gaze you flourish and of course, the sounds of music.… more >

The Poet’s Echo – Joceyln Freeman

Jocelyn Freeman Piano

March 2023

This project was initially inspired by the prophetic nature of Shostakovich’s ‘Four Pushkin Romances Op 46’, which Gareth Brynmor John introduced me to in 2019. Not only was I struck by the profundity of how the poetry echoed messages of censorship and exile forward through time; but also by similarities… more >

Obscurus – Lucy Humphris & Harry Rylance

March 2023

Obscurus is an exploration of the obscured, in a programme which showcases some of the most incredible trumpet writing of the 20th and 21st century, as well as several reimaginings of older, more mainstream works for other instruments, arranged for trumpet by Lucy Humphris. In the Mists, written by Janáček… more >

Tchaikovsky & Lalo – Ellinor D’melon

Ellinor D’Melon Violin

March 2023

Born to Cuban and Jamaican parents, Ellinor D’Melon started to learn the violin aged just two. Today at only twenty, ‘she is one of those rare players who gives the impression that her command – both technical and musical is total ‘ (The Irish Times). She has the 1st prizes… more >

Piatti Quartet: Boyle Vaughan Williams Moeran & Ireland

January 2023

Until recently we were unaware of the rich output of Irish composer Ina Boyle, who was never quite forgotten becauseshe was the only woman composer to be published in the Carnegie Collection of British music with her atmospheric orchestral rhapsody The Magic Harp of 1919. Boyle spent her life living… more >

Jubilee Quartet – Schubert

Jubilee Quartet String quartet

November 2022

The Jubilee Quartet follow their critically acclaimed debut album of Haydn (RCD1039) with two contrasting quartets by Schubert. The sunny and joyful D.87, his 10th quartet dates from his 16th year. Already the singing quality of the writing is apparent. The late G Major quartet, the composer’s 15th and final… more >

Maria Martinova: Nuit et Jour

Maria Martinova Piano

November 2022

A wonderfully and sensitively curated recital of piano music with light and darkness, or night and day as the central theme. Water, fantastical dreams and visions also inhabit the world conjured by Maria Martinova from the music of Debussy, Ravel and the contemporary Swiss composer Gregorio Zanon, who’s two movement… more >

Johanna Rose: 7 Movements

Johanna Rose Viola Da Gamba

November 2022

7 Movements; three suites each with seven movements. In her intriguing new album, viola da gambist Johanna Rose places a prelude by Sainte-Colombe (father)in front of the six movement Bach suite in D Minor, and finished the D major Bach suite with a chaconne by Sainte-Colombe. The third ‘suite’ is… more >

Dudok Quartet: Reflections

Dudok Quartet Amsterdam String Quartet

November 2022

As a string quartet of the 21st century, we are searching for the meaning of the music we perform. Our goal is to convey the image which emanates from the music in the most authentic way. As a kind of time-transcending minstrel, the Quartet is continuously searching for the best… more >

Kuss Quartet: Krise / Crisis

Kuss Quartet

November 2022

We live in a time of turmoil, flux, stress and crisis. The stresses and strains of modern life during and after the pandemic, war raging in Ukraine, climate change, energy shortages, soaring cost of living, large numbers of refugees seeking safe haven, lack of trust in our leaders – this… more >

Esther Birringer: Debussy

Esther Birringer Piano

September 2022

For her second solo recital album for Rubicon, Esther Birringer turns to Debussy with a recital that includes both books of his Images. Composed in 1901-5 (book 1) and 1907 (book 2). The composer was very pleased with Images, writing about the first set ‘Without false pride, I feel that… more >

The Playhouse Sessions

Bjarte Eike & Barokksolistene

September 2022

‘There are some things you just can’t fake. The chemistry of a group is one of those – the sparks of musical energy that fly when certain artists collide. Bjarte Eike’s Barokksolistene is an alchemical miracle of an ensemble…pure musical gold’ Gramophone magazine review for The Alehouse Sessions (RCD1017). Since… more >

Sibelius Symphonies Nos 5, 6 & 7

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Owain Arwel Hughes Ensemble

September 2022

The final volume of the complete Sibelius Symphonies from the RPO and Owain Arwel Hughes contains the ever popular 5th coupled with the beautiful less well known 6th, and the ground breaking single movement 7th, the composer’s final word on the symphony. His 8th, apparently completed, was consigned to the… more >

Liszt: Piano Concertos 1 & 2, Sonata

Alexander Ullman Piano

June 2022

Alexander Ullman was the winner of the 2011 Franz Liszt International Piano Competition in Budapest. He studied at the Purcell School, the Curtis Institute and the Royal College of Music. His teachers include William Fong, Leon Fleischer and Dmitri Alexeev. Alexander’s debut album on Rubicon was a recital of great… more >

Songs by Warlock & Howe

Mark Austin Piano
Anna Harvey Mezzo soprano

June 2022

This delightful recital of English songs brings together one of the form’s most distinctive and prolific composers, Peter Warlock, with a composer born in 1951 who continues very much in the tradition of the older composer – Frederick Howe whose selection of his own folksong arrangements dovetail neatly this aspect… more >


Oda Voltersvik Piano

May 2022

NEO reflects the use of classical forms in the 20th century – ‘neo classical’. It points to the future, and in music saw composers throwing off the romantic era’s excesses and striving for a new clarity and stability. However, the term NEO in this musical context shouldn’t always be seen… more >

Solitude: Joo Yeon Sir

Joo Yeon Sir Violin

May 2022

Joo Yeon Sir writes in the booklet to her solo recital album ‘Solitude’, ‘Solitude was the state I found myself in along with the rest of the world in 2020. Concerts were suddenly postponed…and I was left eerily by myself at home’. When, the following year, and the time had… more >

Sinding and Mendelssohn Violin Concertos

Lea Birringer Violin

April 2022

Lea Birringer’s first concerto recording is a fascinating programme of the well known and a delightful concerto that does not deserve the obscurity to which it has been consigned. Christian Sinding (1856-1941) composed his concerto 1898. It proved a great success, so its neglect today is difficult to understand. It… more >

Doppler and Kuhlau: Romantic and Virtuoso Music for Flutes and Piano

Noemi Gyori & Gergely Madaras Flute
Alexander Ullman Piano

April 2022

The Doppler brothers and Friedrich Kulhau have yet to attract the public recognition that they already enjoy from the worldwide community of flautists. They certainly deserve to be better known and it is not unreasonable to think that the recognition that Paganini, Ysaye and Sarasate enjoy as famous composers for… more >

Beethoven, Voříšek

Lobkowicz Trio ensemble

March 2022

The Lobkowicz Trio are Jan Mráček violin and leader of the Czech Philharmonic, Lukas Klansky piano & Ivan Vokac associate principal cellist of the Czech Philharmonic. Beethoven’s Triple Concerto is his take on the old 18th century Sinfonia Concertante. Dating from 1803/4 it is from the particularly productive period that… more >

Fenella Humphreys Caprices

Fenella Humphreys Violin

March 2022

Fenella Humphreys turned time spent in lockdown to good use preparing this fascinating and eclectic programme of caprices. A collection of caprices ranging from Paganini to a wide selection of contemporary composers, some of whom contribute not only individual works, but who joined together for a splendid composite set of… more >

Sibelius Symphonies Nos 2 & 4

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Owain Arwel Hughes Ensemble

March 2022

Symphonies 1&3 RCD1055 ‘Altogether a terrific start to Rubicon’s new cycle of the Sibelius symphonies’ Gramophone. Sibelius’s 2nd symphony of 1902 represents a big step forward in his development as a symphonist. The presence of Tchaikovsky in the 1st symphony has receded, and the big themes, though present, are not… more >

Montgeroult: 6 Etudes for Piano

Ian Buckle Piano

March 2022

Montgeroult was a pioneer and a survivor. One of the founder members of the Paris Conservatoire, she was a key figure in the development of the piano and piano technique in the early romantic period. She became the institution’s first professor of piano. Montgeroult studied with Jan Ladislav Dussek, one… more >

Brahms: Piano Trios 2 & 3

David Haroutunian, Sofya Melikyan, Mikayel Hakhnazaryan ensemble

November 2021

Brahms keenly sensed the shadow of Beethoven saying ‘You do not know what it is like, hearing his footsteps constantly behind one’. It was this towering presence that spurred the young Brahms to master his craft and establish his voice. The first piano trio in its original form (1854) quoted… more >

Infinite Bach

Christian Svarfvar Violin

November 2021

‘The Bach violin concertos are not only one of the Baroque period highlights, but are one of the foundations of the entire history of music’ writes Swedish violinist Christian Svarfvar on his new album of Bach Re Composed by fellow Swede Johan Ullén. ‘It’s a whole world of beauty in… more >

The Landscapes of the Soul: Rachmaninov 24 Préludes

Fanny Azzuro Piano

October 2021

‘Recording the complete Preludes is like painting notes with an unlimited palette of sound!’ writes pianist Fanny Azzuro in the notes to her debut album for Rubicon. ‘Playing this music is exhilarating. The danger is that you lose control of your emotions and yield to the temptation to pile on… more >

Brahms: The String Quartets, String Quintet No.2

Dudok Quartet Amsterdam String Quartet

October 2021

The Dudok Quartet Amsterdam is forging a reputation as one of the most creative and versatile quartets of its generation. The Guardian commented on their ‘lithe, lively sound and alert sense of structure and detail’. This recording, their first for Rubicon, of the Brahms Quartets and the 2nd of the… more >

Berlin FREIZeit

Kuss Quartet

October 2021

The Kuss Quartet’s ‘KussPluss’ at the Klassiklounge of the Berlin Classical Radio station RBB and in the trendy Watergate riverside nightclub in Berlin is the inspiration for their latest album. Guests Sarah Maria Sun, the soprano in the Reimann Lieder, percussionist Johannes Julius Fischer and slam poet Bas Böttcher mark… more >

Dream Valley

Sophie Rosa, Ian Buckle violin, piano

September 2021

The music on this EP inhabits a particular corner of the bounteous repertory of characteristic pieces for violin and piano. Short without being slight, these miniatures are vibrant and emotive, getting to the heart of the matter with freshness and originality, and sharing a rich yet restrained harmonic language which… more >

Shall We Gather

Lucas Meachem baritone
Irina Meachem piano

September 2021

Shall We Gather responds to the darkness of the pandemic and social distancing with the simple question of its title. Through fifteen art songs by and about a broad swath of people from the United States, Lucas and Irina Meachem offer a vision of Americanness centred around the things that… more >


Lea Birringer Violin

September 2021

Lea Birringer, for her first solo violin album, has selected three partitas for her instrument. Commencing with Bach’s great Partita No.3 in E major and ending with Auerbach’s 2007 example ‘par.ti.ta’. Lothar von Knorr’s Partita from 1946 will most likely be a discovery for most listeners. Partitas transformed over the… more >

The Lockdown

Maya Levy, Hrachya Avenesyan Duo

August 2021

With their concerts celebrating the anniversaries of Piazzolla and Prokofiev in 2021 cancelled due to Covid, violinists Maya Levy and Hrachya Avenesyan decided to put their time in Lockdown to good use by recording a programme of works by both composers and turning their Brussels apartment into a recording studio.… more >


Sonya Bach Piano

June 2021

Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Sonata was extensively revised by the composer in 1931, and the revised version is tighter and thinner in texture (the 4th piano concerto is a fine example the more restrained and less opulent textures the composer developed in his later years) than the original version of 1913.… more >

Threnodies: Britten, Bridge, Berg, Ravel

Alexander Soares Piano

June 2021

The extreme social trauma that followed The Great War of 1914—18 engulfed Europe. In this context, English composer Frank Bridge is an intriguing figure: his musical language transformed to embrace a radically new harmonic style. Consequently, his popularity waned and it was not until the end of the century that… more >

Rachmaninov (Limited Edition Vinyl)

Sonya Bach Piano

June 2021

A Deluxe 2LP limited edition set of Sonya Bach’s Rachmaninov recital. The LPs are 180g audiophile quality and were cut at Abbey Road Studios in London. The set is presented in a gatefold sleeve with notes in English and German.

Once Upon a Time

Esther Birringer Piano

May 2021

Esther Birringer has chosen three great Russian ballets for her recital album. All three have great stories – drama, love and tragedy in the case of Petrushka and Romeo & Juliet, and fantasy in The Nutcracker, which is based on a tale by ETA Hoffman. Tchaikovsky’s suite from ballet was… more >

Poulenc, Franck, Dutilleux

Michael Petrov / Erdem Mısırlıoğlu Duo

April 2021

The three works that make up this highly attractive programme span a century: Franck’s sonata in its officially sanctioned transcription for cello was taken from his popular violin sonata of 1886. It was composed as a wedding present for the violinist Ysaÿe. Dutilleux’s Trois Strophes Sur Le Nom De Sacher… more >

A Sicilian Traveller

Alessio Pianelli Cello

March 2021

Alessio Pianelli’s debut album is a beautifully curated, affectionate, and eclectic musical tribute to his native land, the island of Sicily. He writes ‘in A Sicilian Traveller I investigate the richness of Sicily’s culture through the music of other composers who have explored – some more explicitly than others –… more >

Robert Kahn – Leaves from the Tree of Life

Ensemble Emigré

February 2021

Robert Kahn was born in Mannheim in 1865 and died in Biddenden, Kent in 1951. How did a composer who impressed Brahms, and who the older composer offered to give lessons to end up in the UK in a small village? Kahn became an influential professor of music at the… more >

Montgeroult, Viotti Violin Sonatas

Sophie Rosa, Ian Buckle violin, piano

February 2021

Hélène de Montgeroult (1764-1836) was one of the most influential pianist composers of the early 19th Century – no mean feat at a time when figures such as Dussek (her teacher), Hummel, Field, Kalkbrenner, Cramer, Moscheles and last but not least Beethoven dominated the field. A field also dominated by… more >

Rapa Nui Odyssey

Mahani Teave Piano

January 2021

After studying at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and the Hans Eisler Music Academy in Berlin, Mahani Teave was destined for a glittering career on the international concert stage having won the Claudio Arrau International Piano Competition in 1999, and later being selected as a Steinway & Sons artist. However,… more >

Oh Sweet Were The Hours

Rufus Müller Tenor

January 2021

George Thomson, an enterprising collector and publisher based in Edinburgh, reached out beyond domestic British talent, to (among others) Haydn, Carl Maria von Weber and Beethoven to continue the work established by Joseph Haydn and William Napier in the 1790s. Always attracted to potential publishing exploitation, Beethoven took an avid… more >

Wherever You Are / Walking in the Air

Cai Thomas Voice (treble)

December 2020

Thirteen-year-old Cai Thomas marks the end of his treble career by presenting two special digital recordings: ‘Walking in the Air’ and ‘Wherever You Are’ which were recorded just before the UK went into its second lockdown. Cai chose to record ‘Wherever You Are’ to raise money for a children’s brain… more >

Farr/Elgar Cello Concertos

Sébastien Hurtaud Cello

November 2020

New Zealand composer Gareth Farr wrote his cello concerto after discovering some family history. His three great granduncles left New Zealand to fight in France in World War I. All three were killed within weeks of arrival. Elgar’s famous concerto was also composed as a reaction to the horrors of… more >

Goldberg Variations

Marcin Świątkiewicz Harpsichord / piano

October 2020

Marcin Swiatkiewiecz is recognisable as the outstanding harpsichordist of the generation. In demand with many of the leading baroque ensembles he has recorded for many labels and for TV and radio around the world. In 2015 he released his album of harpsichord concertos by Johann Gottfried Müthel which won the… more >


Eivind Ringstad Viola

October 2020

Norwegian violist Eivind Holstmark Ringstadt was awarded the prestigious Borletti-Buitoni Trust Fellowship in 2016, and became a BBC New Generation Artist from 2016-18. Eivind plays with many of today’s leading artists including Leif Ove Andsnes, Janine Jansen, Beatrice Rana, Steven Isserlis and Anthony Marwood. For his first recital recording ,… more >


Wilde Roses Ensemble

October 2020

‘Woven’ twines together a collection of anonymous music of the British medieval and renaissance eras, with early works pulled from the folk tradition – the fabric of society. Music created from handed down strands, woven into early counterpoint as a medieval weaver pulls threads across the warp. From the 1100s… more >

Debussy: Sonatas & Piano Pieces

Pixels Ensemble Chamber music ensemble

September 2020

Debussy was seriously ill at the outbreak of World War I, and struggled to compose. A wartime performance of the Saint- Saëns Septet prompted the composer to consider writing chamber music again – for the first time since his string quartet of 1893. The plan was for a sequence of… more >

Sibelius Symphonies 1&3

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Owain Arwel Hughes Ensemble

September 2020

The first in a cycle of all seven of Sibelius’s symphonies sees the first dating from 1899 coupled with the third from 1907. No.1 although bound by classical conventions, and the influence of Tchaikovsky displays a remarkable and striking independence of thought. No.3 shows the composer making the transition from… more >

Beethoven: The Complete Symphonies

Christoph König / Solistes Européens, Luxembourg Conductor / ensemble

September 2020

With many of the Beethoven 250 anniversary events sadly cancelled, the great man’s genius can still be celebrated thanks to the many new recordings of his works appearing during 2020. A new cycle of the symphonies is a big event for any orchestra, and the superb Solistes Europeèn Luxembourg and… more >

Night on Earth

Ulf Schneider, Jan Philip Schulze Violin, piano

September 2020

A beguiling and beautiful programme of music inspired by the night. Ulf Schneider and Jan Philip Schulze also make the world premier recordings of three works, so there is much to discover on this album. Their nocturnal journey is in the company of composers as diverse as Elgar and Crumb,… more >

Fauré, Schubert, Brahms

Trio Isimsiz Piano trio

September 2020

The Trio Isimsiz has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting young chamber ensembles on the present scene with glowing reviews for their performances around the world. Their debut album of Brahms, Beethoven & Takemitsu (RCD1013) also received rave reviews ‘it’s hard to know how Trio Isimsiz could… more >

Vater Unser (Our Father) by Arvo Pärt

Cai Thomas Voice (treble)
Julien Brocal Piano

May 2020

OUT NOW! The calming, pure voice of Cai Thomas accompanied by pianist Julien Brocal in Vater Unser (Our Father) by Arvo Part is the perfect piece of music for these worrying times, and the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of life in lockdown.

Beethoven – Great Chamber works (digital compilation)

Kuss Quartet / Chloe Hanslip & Danny Driver / Trio Isimsiz

April 2020

A collection of some of Beethoven’s greatest chamber works, as recorded by the Kuss Quartet, Chloe Hanslip and Danny Driver, and Trio Isimsiz.


Lidy Blijdorp Cello

April 2020

Dutch cellist Lidy Blijdorp has long been in love with the music of Ravel, the magical sound world, the colours and imagery he conjures. Ravel wrote very little for the cello, so Blijdorp made her own arrangements for cello and piano of Lever du jour(Sunrise) from Daphnes & Chloéand two… more >


Cai Thomas Voice (treble)

March 2020

Praised for his musicality and exceptional voice, Cai Thomas has already built up a global following and has featured in segments for ITV news and Classic FM. Following a successful Kickstarter funding campaign and, with the help of his family, friends, local community and hundreds of new friends from around… more >

Chopin Études

Sonya Bach Piano

March 2020

In her seminal release for Rubicon Classics, Sonya Bach turns to Chopin’s masterworks. Over 170 years since the composer’s death, Chopin’s études remain cemented in history as feats of technical ingenuity and melodic invention, which makes them core repertoire for any major pianist. Romantic in their nature and yet forward looking with bold… more >

Rameau • Schumann

Marcin Fleszar Piano

March 2020

In his debut album for Rubicon Classics, accomplished pianist Marcin Fleszar performs Rameau’s timeless Suite in A minor. Under Fleszar’s masterful touch and performed on the piano, instead on the harpsichord as is traditional, the pieces take on new colours and shadings with a cantabile quality, verging at times on… more >

Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets

Kuss Quartet

March 2020

Recorded live in Tokyo’s Suntory Hall in the space of only three weeks, the acclaimed Kuss Quartet has recorded the complete Beethoven quartet cycle. The Beethoven quartets reflect the journey of the composer; starting with the Haydn and Mozart-influenced early works and tracing the mastery of his technique and style… more >


Yuval Zorn Piano

January 2020

“This context is what I see as a landscape, not only in the physical sense but also in a much broader sense, a landscape that is a mirror of the pattern of one’s internal being, a landscape that gets its significance and meaning from the human reflection on it.” For… more >

Histoires d’un Ange

Johanna Rose Viola Da Gamba

November 2019

Johanna Rose’s debut album of CPE Bach Viola da Gamba sonatas was met with critical acclaim attracting praise from Gramophone magazine who called it ‘a very lovely thing’, before going on to say ‘Her tone itself is glorious too: rich and dark, with an exceptionally attractive grainy edge to it.’… more >

Beethoven Complete Violin Sonatas

Chloë Hanslip & Danny Driver

November 2019

Get all of Chloë Hanslip and Danny Driver’s dazzling renditions of  the Beethoven Violin Sonatas in one place! ‘..a triumph’  The Strad ‘A fine disc that encapsulates highly intelligent performances’ Gramophone ‘They create a world in which you want to spend time’ Gramophone ‘if their fiery C minor sonata doesn’t quite match the… more >

A Love Letter to Liverpool

Jennifer Johnston Voice - Mezzo-soprano

RCD 1044
September 2019

Liverpool is a city with a fiercely independent spirit and a rich and dramatic cultural history matching its turbulent development. The past 30 years have witnessed Liverpool’s renaissance, and, thanks to pure Scouse grit, it has reinvented itself as a city of innovation and entrepreneurialism and seen staggering levels of regeneration.… more >

Di Tanti Palpiti

Lea Birringer Violin

RCD 1034
September 2019

In contrast to their debut album of sonatas by Franck & Grieg (RCD1007), violinist Lea Birringer with her pianist sister Esther offer a sparkling virtuosic recital of some of the most famous showpieces for violin and piano in the repertoire. From serious to light-hearted, these works are a test of… more >


Ivana Gavrić Piano

RCD 1038
September 2019

The idea for this album came about some years ago when I attended a performance of Haydn’s Piano Concerto No.11 in D. While reading the programme notes, I was struck by the suggestion that the concerto’s finale, Rondo all’ungarese, despite its title, was thought to be based on a Croatian… more >

Richter: Recomposed – Vivaldi The Four Seasons

Fenella Humphreys Violin

June 2019

‘Humphreys’ utter absorption and delight shines forth at every turn…strong toned, easy fluidity and immaculate technique’ Gramophone Since winning the BBC Music Magazine Instrumental award in 2018 Fenella Humphreys has been in demand throughout the UK and Europe’. Post minimalist composer Max Richter has composed many successful film scores most… more >

From the New World

Christoph König / Solistes Européens, Luxembourg Conductor / ensemble

RCD 1037
June 2019

America is often associated with bold, celebratory and self-confident music – yet many masterpieces either by American composers or inspired by its land are altogether of more subtle character. The three works on this album are all quite introspective in character despite some exuberant episodes; and each reflects in their… more >

Chaconnes, Divertimento & Rhapsodies

Joo Yeon Sir Violin

May 2019

Chaconnes, Divertimento & Rhapsodies is inspired by the close working relationships between composers and virtuoso violinists from the 18th century to the 20th; each piece also owes a debt to earlier music, whether folk melodies, Baroque variations or the works of 19th-century composers.  

Schoenberg & Honegger

Emmanuel Leducq-Barôme

May 2019

Schoenberg’s early String Sextet ‘Verkläte Nacht’ (Transfigured Night) op.4 dates from 1899. He made the arrangement for string orchestra in 1943. It is a work heavily indebted to Wagner, and especially ‘Tristan und Isolde’ although the unique voice of Schoenberg is already apparent. ‘Gurrelieder’ and ‘Pelleas und Melisande’ would bring… more >

John Amner Complete Consort Music

Mark Keane, Fretwork, Dublin Consort Singers Ensemble

May 2019

John Amner was born and died in Ely, Cambridgeshire and worked for the greater part of his life at Ely Cathedral, as a boy chorister and later as informator choristorum. He succeeded some of England’s finest composers such as George Barcroft, John Farrant and Christopher Tye. He received his Bachelor… more >

Haydn String Quartets

Jubilee Quartet String quartet

March 2019

‘Pastoral, earthy, and sparkling. Wild, spiritual, and lamenting. Royal, melancholic, and thrilling. These words can only scratch the surface of the three incredible Haydn Quartets’ The Jubilee Quartet  

Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev

Alexander Ullman Piano

March 2019

The winner of the 2017 Franz Liszt Competition, British pianist Alexander Ullman has appeared at many of the world’s great venues and with some of the world’s major orchestras – The Philadelphia Orchestra, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, St Petersburg Philharmonic, Montreal Symphony, Netherlands Radio Philharmonic and the Royal Philharmonic. He has… more >

Notations & Sketches

Alexander Soares Piano

January 2019

With the shadow of the Second World War hanging over a fractured Europe, a revolutionary musical change was taking place, nowhere more so than in Paris in 1945. At first glance, combining Boulez, Dutilleux and Messiaen on a single disc may seem an uneasy balance, given the tensions between them,… more >

The Snowman

Sir Ken Dodd Narrator

November 2018

Recording the narrations for Peter & the Wolf and the Snowman was the last project Sir Ken Dodd undertook. One of the UK’s most famous and best loved comedians and entertainers, he passed away aged 90 in March 2018. This famous son of Liverpool was a keen supporter of the… more >

Schumann & Bartók

Stephen Waarts Violin

November 2018

Stephen Waarts’ innate and individual musical voice is establishing him as a firm favourite with audiences. With a voracious appetite for repertoire, Stephen has already performed over thirty standard, as well as rarely performed violin concertos, and is a passionate chamber musician. For his debut recording Stephen has chosen the… more >


Karim Said Piano

November 2018

‘The way in which composers influence each other, whether across generations or more directly through the master – pupil relationships that they often cultivate fascinates me. The comparison of William Byrd’s ‘pervasive’ influence on the Elizabethan/Jacobean world with the impact that Arnold Schoenberg left on the twentieth Century, by Joseph… more >

Così fan tutte

European Opera Centre (Così)

November 2018

Mozart’s original thoughts recreated and recorded for the first time. Synopsis Ferrando and Guglielmo – two friends – are in love with sisters Fiordiligi and Dorabella. Don Alfonso – an associate of Ferrando and Guglielmo – is increasingly frustrated by their naïvety in love. Alfonso has greater experience of the… more >

Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Vol. 3

Chloë Hanslip & Danny Driver

November 2018

Bruch & Stenhammar

Christian Svarfvar Violin

November 2018

Christian Svarfvar has emerged as one of Scandinavia’s most sought after concert violinists. His debut album of the three Grieg Violin Sonatas was praised by the Financial Times ‘buoyed by Svarfvar’s fearless expression, rock-solid technique, stylistic acumen, Christian did us and Grieg a big favour and we must hear more… more >

Momento Immobile

Venera Gimadieva Soprano

October 2018

Bel canto opera is a plethora of paradoxes and these are most powerfully embodied by the prima donna herself. Pure and passionate, alluring and alarming, desirable and dangerous, she is a woman who, driven by uncontainable desire or righteousness, defies or disregards social convention in her search for what might… more >

The Dreams & Fables I Fashion

Elicia Silverstein Violin

October 2018

A rising star on the European early music scene, violinist Elicia Silverstein is rapidly garnering praise for her nuanced, bold and insightful performances of repertoire ranging from the 17th to the 21st century. A performer on both historical and modern instruments, she made her London debut at the 2015 Spitalfields… more >

Schumann – Davidsbündlertänze etc

Gabriele Carcano Piano

October 2018

Few composers, probably none as much as Schumann, combine music, literature and personal life in their compositions to such high degree. Jean Paul, Clara, E.T.A Hoffmann, Schumann’s own health and mental state, are all filtered through his unique personality to produce music which defies description, and is an expression of… more >

Life Force

Peter Moore Trombone

June 2018

Peter Moore won the BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2008 aged just 12, becoming the youngest ever winner of the competition. At the age of 18 he was appointed co-principle trombone of the London Symphony Orchestra. In 2015, Peter joined the prestigious BBC New Generation Artists scheme. His… more >

Schubert, Berio Symphonies

Christoph König / Solistes Européens, Luxembourg Conductor / ensemble

June 2018

Just before his death in 1828 at the age of just 31, Franz Schubert was at work on his 10th Symphony in D major D936a, and had signed up for counterpoint lessons with Simon Sechter, who later taught the young Anton Bruckner. The 10th was destined to become yet another… more >

I Quatro Rusteghi

European Opera Centre (I quatro Rusteghi)

May 2018

Commonly translated as “The Four Fathers” or “The Four Curmudgeons”, a closer translation of the title from the original Venetian gives “The Four Old Gits”! The first opera release on Rubicon Classics, the story follows four women attempting to outwit their boorish husbands so that young love may flourish! The… more >

Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Vol. 2

Chloë Hanslip & Danny Driver

March 2018

Travels with Goliath

Grigory Krotenko / Barocco Concertato / Ilya Mazurov

March 2018

Josef Kämpfer (1735–?1810) – cavalry officer in the Hungarian army, self-taught double bass virtuoso and double bass designer – led a peripatetic life moving through musical circles at the highest levels in Austria, Germany, Paris, London and St Petersburg. He met Leopold Mozart, the Haydn brothers, Vaňhal, and many of… more >

Lifelines – Grieg, Liszt & Franck Violin Sonatas

Duo Birringer Violin & Piano

January 2018

Franz Liszt forms not only the centre point of Lea & Eather Birringer’s recital, he also is the central figure that draws together Greig – of whom he was very supportive, and Cesar Franck, whose development of germinal motifs to create large scale complex movements was a direct influence of… more >

Beethoven, Méhul Symphonies

Christoph König / Solistes Européens, Luxembourg Conductor / ensemble

November 2017

A tale of two symphonies – one, Beethoven’s Third Symphony ‘Eroica’ changed the course of the symphony, and prepared the way for Brahms, Dvorák, Mahler & Bruckner’s symphonies. But it is also very much a work of its time – revolutionary France, violent upheavals in Europe – and the symphony’s… more >

Beethoven, Brahms & Takemitsu: Piano Trios

Trio Isimsiz Piano trio

November 2017

Trio Isimsiz (Turkish for ‘no name’) have certainly been making themselves a name as one of the most exciting young piano trios on the classical music scene. All three members of the Trio Isimsiz enjoy great success individually. Erdem Misirlioglu was a Concerto Finalist in the BBC Young Musician competition… more >

CPE Bach: 3 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba

Johanna Rose Viola Da Gamba

October 2017

Composed during his time at the court of Frederick the Great in Berlin, Bach’s sonatas provided the court gambist with ample opportunities to display both virtuosity and sensitivity. The viola da gamba was going out of fashion when the forward-looking C.P.E. Bach composed these works, however, they represent some of… more >

Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Vol. 1

Chloë Hanslip & Danny Driver

October 2017

Chloë Hanslip and Danny Driver are approaching the culmination of a complete Beethoven Violin Sonata cycle where each concert is both broadcast live by the BBC on Radio 3, and recorded by Andrew Keener and Phil Rowlands for Rubicon. Beethoven’s ten violin sonatas represent the supreme challenge for a violin… more >

Sonya Bach plays JS Bach

Sonya Bach Piano

September 2017

Graziani, C: Sonatas (6) for Violoncello and Basso Continuo, Op. 3 – DIGITAL ONLY RELEASE


September 2017

The Alehouse Sessions Vinyl LP

Bjarte Eike & Barokksolistene

August 2017

Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony in C minor op110a · Strauss: Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings

Emmanuel Leducq-Barôme

July 2017

The Alehouse Sessions

Bjarte Eike & Barokksolistene

June 2017

Suites & Fantasies

Joo Yeon Sir Violin

May 2017

Korean born British violinist Joo Yeon Sir makes her dazzling debut recording in a programme of suites and fantasies by composers you rarely see on the same album. Schnittke’s nostalgic Suite in an Olden Style is an affectionate tribute to Bach, Britten’s precocious early Suite op 6 is a work… more >

Ysaÿe: Six Sonatas for Solo Violin

Giovanni Guzzo Violin

April 2017

Eugene Ysaÿe was one of the greatest violinists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He studied under Henri Vieuxtemps and is considered one of the great exemplars of the famous Franco-Belgian school of violin playing whose more recent members include Arthur Grumiaux and Augustin Dumay. Ysaÿe was also… more >

Before the Ending of the Day

The Exon Singers Choir

March 2017

The Exon Singers celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2016 . The day the choir was founded will have a special resonance for supporters of the England football team – 30 July 1966! The Exon Singers many supporters have without doubt had a more enjoyable time over the intervening years than… more >

Love’s Philosophy

Craig Ogden Guitar

February 2017

Craig Ogden is one of the great guitarists of our time, and has been a regular fixture in the UK Classical Charts with his albums being among the best- selling classical releases of the year. He is a firm favourite with Classic FM listeners, and this new album will be… more >

Les états d’Âme

Julien Brocal Piano

January 2017

‘A sense of poetry, of alternate spontaneity and restraint, a profound understanding of structure and a true awareness of sound…these are some of the rare qualities he demonstrates’ Maria Joao Pires For his debut recording the young French pianist has chosen the 24 preludes and 2nd Piano Sonata of Frederic… more >


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