Aron Goldin Piano

October 2023

Homelands is a powerful album of classical art song about exile. Featuring Ian Bostridge, Jennifer France, James Atkinson, Wonsick Oh, and pianist Aron Goldin, who curated the project. The songs (including many favourites by Tchaikovsky and Fauré) are on the theme of exile and yearning for home. A performance of Homelands at the Royal Academy of Music in London on World Refugee Day in June 2022, with Olivier Award, Bafta and Tony Award winning actor Sir Simon Russell Beale  reading poems by Auden, Brecht and Carol Ann Duffy with ancient Hebrew and Chinese poetry raised over £200,000 for the 30 Birds Foundation, a charity that enabled 450 Afghan school girls to escape Afghanistan and fly from Kabul to Canada. This has been covered by the New York Times, The Times (UK), and CNN.


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