Inner World
Mikayel Hakhnazaryan Cello

April 2023

‘When you leave your homeland, you leave behind something very important that is hard to describe in words. Itis that light and air which you unconsciously love, it is the smell of spring, the kindness of people under whose warm gaze you flourish and of course, the sounds of music. How lucky we musicians are to be able to collect all these precious things into one whole – into music, into melodies that are always with us in our head and heart; melodies that belong to us all, that we can reproduce and relive at any time. By leaving one country you give yourself the chance to discover another world, where new motifs and colours accompany you like a guide, in the search for your own voice and your own inner world.

This recording is an illustration of my musical journey, during which I meet friends old and new with equal joy’. Cellist Mikayel Hakhnazaryan writes in the introduction of his album ‘Inner Voices’. This is very personal musical exploration of the emotions of the musician, away from their homeland, discovering new worlds, and searching for their inner voice and inner world. Mikayel is the cellist with the Kuss Quartet.


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