Richter: Recomposed – Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Fenella Humphreys Violin

June 2019

‘Humphreys’ utter absorption and delight shines forth at every turn…strong toned, easy fluidity and immaculate technique’ Gramophone
Since winning the BBC Music Magazine Instrumental award in 2018 Fenella Humphreys has been in demand throughout the UK and Europe’.
Post minimalist composer Max Richter has composed many successful film scores most recently ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ and ‘White Boy Rick’, and ‘Black Mirror’. His 2012 ‘Recomposed’ topped the charts in 22 countries. His beautifully crafted intelligent work based on the famous concertos by Vivaldi retains only a quarter of the original music, Richter skilfully employs looped and phased parts of pure Vivaldi which emphasise his postmodern and minimalist credentials.
Fenella partners ‘Recomposed’ with the powerful ‘Lonely Angel’ by Vasks, and Pärt’s popular ‘Fratres’.


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