Tango, mon amour!
Maria Martinova Piano

October 2024

Maria Martinova’s inticing & expressive new album inspired by the works of Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla which were eye opening for Maria. Piazzola was her gateway into the passionate and vibrant world of Tango where she discovered its many facets. Sadness, humour, passion and intimacy. What gives Tango its charm is how it has undergone numerous shifts and changes across many parts of the world, finding inspiration in multiple musical styles such as, Angolan Kizomba, Italian Canzonetta, Klezmer, French Chansons, & Jazz.

This album is a collection of tangos arranged for piano by wonderful Argentinian composers; Agustín Bardi, José Dames, Anselmo Aieta & Horacio Salgán.



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