Les états d’Âme
Julien Brocal Piano

January 2017

‘A sense of poetry, of alternate spontaneity and restraint, a profound understanding of structure and a true awareness of sound…these are some of the rare qualities he demonstrates’ Maria Joao Pires

For his debut recording the young French pianist has chosen the 24 preludes and 2nd Piano Sonata of Frederic Chopin. Composed during the years 1838-39, these works date from the beginning of the composers relationship with the writer George Sand. The Preludes in all the major and minor keys is of course a reflection on Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, a work Chopin admired and the only score he took to Majorca for the infamous sojourn with Sand. Each Prelude (some lasting no longer than 30 seconds) is a masterpiece of invention, a new world is conjured in every one of them. An infinite lyricism hovers throughout, and everything that needs to be said is said in just a few concise bars.

The 2nd sonata is a turbulent romantic masterwork with high emotions running riot throughout. The famous Funeral March forms the slow movement. This is music from which no one walks away unscathed!

1. Préludes, Op.28: No.1 in C major 0.42
  2. Préludes, Op.28: No.2 in A minor 2.22
  3. Préludes, Op.28: No.3 in G major 1.01
  4. Préludes, Op.28: No.4 in E minor 1.59
  5. Préludes, Op.28: No.5 in D major 0.33
  6. Préludes, Op.28: No.6 in B minor 2.11
  7. Préludes, Op.28: No.7 in A major 0.40
  8. Préludes, Op.28: No.8 in F sharp minor 1.48
  9. Préludes, Op.28: No.9 in E major 1.25
  10. Préludes, Op.28: No.10 in C sharp minor 0.29
  11. Préludes, Op.28: No.11 in B major 0.37
  12. Préludes, Op.28: No.12 in G sharp minor 1.12
  13. Préludes, Op.28: No.13 in F sharp major 2.50
  14. Préludes, Op.28: No.14 in E flat minor 0.26
  15. Préludes, Op.28: No.15 in D flat major 5.47
  16. Préludes, Op.28: No.16 in B flat minor 1.06
  17. Préludes, Op.28: No.17 in A flat major 3.13
  18. Préludes, Op.28: No.18 in F minor 0.50
  19. Préludes, Op.28: No.19 in E flat major 1.21
  20. Préludes, Op.28: No.20 in C minor 1.44
  21. Préludes, Op.28: No.21 in B flat major 2.08
  22. Préludes, Op.28: No.22 in G minor 0.44
  23. Préludes, Op.28: No.23 in F major 1.06
24. Préludes, Op.28: No.24 in D minor 2.39
  25. Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor: I Grave — Doppio movimento 7.35
  26. Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor: II Scherzo 7.01
  27. Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor: III Marche funèbre 9.31
  28. Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor: IV Finale: Presto 1.29

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