Ysaÿe: Six Sonatas for Solo Violin
Giovanni Guzzo Violin

April 2017

Eugene Ysaÿe was one of the greatest violinists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He studied under Henri Vieuxtemps and is considered one of the great exemplars of the famous Franco-Belgian school of violin playing whose more recent members include Arthur Grumiaux and Augustin Dumay. Ysaÿe was also a composer of distinction, and his six sonatas for solo violin are after those of J.S Bach are works of major importance in the violinist’s repertoire. Each sonata is named after a great fellow violinist and dedicated to them, and the music reflects their personalities – an obvious hint at who the composer thought would be the ideal interpreter! These works are gems that deserve a wider audience, and in performances as impressive as these by the young Venezuelan virtuoso Giovanni Guzzo they are certain to win new friends.


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